5/19/15 – Adam Shaw

Today was spent mostly just trying to learn Swift. Over the next 2-3 weeks we will need to be able to do fairly advanced work with Swift, so it is important to get off the ground running with solid fundamentals. I spent the morning (9-12) working on first coding a command line app which was a tip calculator. This was a very useful exercise as I became better acquainted with some of the “low-level” syntax of swift, the syntax which I could fairly easily convert from other languages. Later in the morning I began trying to convert my application to a true OS X application using Xcode. I rewrote the front end, and used my command line script as the backend. It took a while to learn how linking elements worked in XCode, but I eventually figured out how to link buttons in the Main Image files to the code itself. It seems quite powerful, if hand-holding. Here are a few pictures of the final Tip Calculator:

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 1.40.09 PM Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 1.40.39 PM

After lunch I began looking up tutorials for making an app for IOS with swift. Vidushi was working on a tetris style app, so I decided to try a different tutorial for a Candy Crush style App. I spent a good long while reading a lot of tutorials for other such apps before jumping in. I basically copy pasted code, and about an hour in I realize I really didn’t have a firm understanding of what I had been doing. I spent another hour and a half going back through everything which I had did and trying to really figure out why I had made the connections I had been told to make. It was quite helpful. I think I will start tomorrow by trying to recode everything I did today anew without looking at the tutorial to see how well I mastered the content. After that I will develop it more into the fully fleshed out game, which I was not able to get to today.

One more note: I found an incredibly helpful resource where someone has compiled over 1000 swift tutorials available online. It is linked here: http://www.h4labs.com/dev/ios/swift.html

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