Day 2, May 19 – Vidushi

Today I spent a whole lot of time working with Swift — a lot more than I intended, to be honest!

I started the day by adding to my notes on Prof Medero’s thesis, and I think I am almost done reviewing the paper as much as I want to be comfortable with the overview. I spent some time reading the Appendices, particularly the texts that were used in the oral readings. I was very interested in Chicago Fire; the way it builds up from basic sentences to more complex structures was a fascinating educational tool. I’m not entirely sure how much I should understand about the details of some of the studies, so I will keep going tomorrow, but I think I understand the big picture. My notes aren’t complete yet because I got very distracted by Swift…

Continuing with the tutorial I was working on yesterday, I have had a lot of time to familiarize myself with how apps in Swift delegate processes (e.g. where do you put the function for a game ending?), how classes work, what protocols are, and so on. There is a lot of code, so merely typing it takes long enough, but actually trying to understand what each part does has been challenging. There are a lot of moving parts in Tetris and it will take me a lot more time and effort to keep track of them. I’ve gotten a lot closer to completing the game. I believe that the functionality is built, and now user interaction needs to be enabled, which I can possibly finish tomorrow. I got stuck many times today, debugging many things, some of them as basic as missing braces, some as bad as a completely misaligned game board that I still haven’t fixed. The debugging process is, however, very helpful in forcing me to think about which file deals with what part of the app.

I also discovered that Xcode has excellent inbuilt functionality for connecting to GitHub, so the Swift code I have written so far is on my GitHub here. The process is so streamlined that I think this will make for a really good way for us to share code once we get to making our own code.

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