5/20/15 – Adam Shaw

I began the day going back over my work from yesterday, and tried to recode the entirety of my game without the use of the tutorial or any resources. I was actually able to do almost all of it without looking back over any previous code snippets. I did get caught up on how to set up GameScene.swift and GameViewController.swift, just because I hadn’t payed enough attention yesterday to how SKScene worked, and how the different methods for SKNodes. I still don’t fully understand it, but definitely have a much firmer understanding. That took up about an hour and a half of time, but then I hit a particularly tricky bug. Essentially my new code for today would hit a breakpoint error before executing fully, but the code which was prompting this error was identical to the code which worked in yesterday’s work (I retested yesterday’s just to be sure). I tried a number of different things. The strangest was at one point I had two copies of the exact same code (I just copy pasted the same code below itself). I then commented out one of them and ran the program and it failed with a breakpoint error. I then uncommented the other version, and commented the version which I had just run. It was the same exact code, but now the program ran. I was very confused, so I just decided to rewrite the entire project. It didn’t take very long (~45 min) because I had a pretty good understanding of how it worked now, though I still had to refer to the tutorial for the GameScene and GameViewController. Anyway, then it started working, and I still have no idea why. I encounted that same error later, where a line of code which had previously worked stopped working. Copy pasting in the working line of code still left me with a breakpoint error, but manually deleting the code and then manually typing the correct code didn’t give an error, so I have no idea what is up with that. I plan to spend a good amount of time tomorrow learning how to use XCode’s debugger, as it would be quite useful.

I spent the afternoon finishing up the tutorial for the project. At first I was daunted by the large number of new commands, but they all seem relatively straight forward. I will spend time tomorrow reading through the documentation for SKNodes and SKActions, as they seem quite important to fully understand. I finished up this afternoon by updating the OS on the iPad given to me so I can test on it in the future.

Future Plans: tomorrow is documentation day! I think I’ll spend the morning reading through a lot of the documentation guides on apple’s website, specifically about SKScene materials. With time I have left before lunch I hope to rewrite my program once more, including all the new material I did today. I think doing so will firmly cement the concepts in my head. For instance, I made some improvements on the tutorial’s methods today because I returned to it. In the afternoon tomorrow I am going to start looking up SDKs for gyroscopic data for the iPad so I can start learning that code set. I don’t know what I’ll do with it yet, but my next learners project will not be a game.

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