Day 3, May 20 – Vidushi

Along the same vein as the past two days, my day has basically been split between Swift and notes. I think I did a much better job of balancing the two today, as I finally finished making notes on Prof M’s thesis (copied to the group Everenote notebook). I think it was an instructive process, and will come in useful once we buckle down to the construction of our app to best measure reading levels, because there are so many methods and so much information in there that we can consult. I think I understand the paper better for it, although I am most concerned about how much I understand Chapter 6, because much of the science and the data processing went above my head. Hopefully over time I will be able to look back at it and understand more, especially in the case that we need to perform similar analysis as part of our work.

On the other hand, I made less progress on my Swiftris tutorial today than I had yesterday, mostly due to two frustrating bugs, the second one of which required completely reverting to an older version of my code (thankfully on GitHub). I am, however, on the last step of the tutorial and only have some animation left to do. Today’s progress through the tutorial involved using Storyboards for the first time, whose GUI I found much more intuitive than the coding I have been doing so far. I still don’t feel like I understand the underpinnings of the code, or what classes represent what aspect of the app, and so on. Maybe a different tutorial that explains these concepts first, before building something, would help me understand this better. To this end I hope to finish off this tutorial tomorrow and start another one, barring any other useful literature we should peruse.

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