Day 4, May 21 – Vidushi

Today’s work definitely involved a lot more Swift than any of the previous days. I started by thinking of what kind of things would be useful to learn in light of what our app is going to look like — for instance, the eye-tracking API — only to realize that none of those things make any sense to me without first understanding the basics. To that end, I’ve been trying to make my way through these tutorials. The coding aspect is fairly complicated, I think; there are so many inbuilt options and classes and specifications to get your head around that I have only barely scratched the surface, and it will take me a lot longer to get a handle on those.


On the other hand, the storyboard (which has a pretty good GUI) is a lot cleaner and I think I have a much better grasp of what to do there. This is the part that controls the “scene transitions,” meaning which page to go if Button A is pressed versus if Button B is pressed, and so on. Here, too, there are a lot of inbuilt options and structures that are going to be useful, as well as perhaps difficult to get my head around. I haven’t tried my hand at many of them, and the ones I have aren’t exactly intuitive, but are slowly beginning to make sense. There is a good deal of interaction between the code and the storyboard, as expected, particularly when what is displayed on the screen depends on user input. I’ve been trying to understand this interaction further, and hope to start with that tomorrow.

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