5/29/15 – Adam Shaw

Today was kind of a struggle. After reading through the 1400 lines of code for the marquee label, I am still non the wiser as to why it resets whenever I increment the speed. I have commented out and then uncommented everything I could think of, but to no avail. I might be able to scrap the code and rewrite my own, but some of it is fairly complicated, so if that is the path I take it will certainly take a little while to just get it right. I spent about 3 to 4 hours just looking over that code; I tried building a relationship map between the different classes therein, but it became too interconnected to be usable. I searched around and found two implementations in objective C for the same basic process. I don’t know any objective C syntax, but if I can do a quick primer or two on it I may be able to port those classes over to swift for use in our project. I will definitely keep working on this, as it is something we will need to have sorted out by the time we get the gyroscopes set up. Other than that I deliberated starting a new game today, but opted not to. Anytime I wasn’t tweaking with the different marquee labels I was reading tutorials on swift storyboards, especially how to programmatically interact with the storyboard, and not just rely on its UI, which I find to be slightly convoluted. For the near future my main focus is just going to be making a working marquee label, but as it seems to be quite the convoluted process it may take a while.

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