Day 8, May 28 – Vidushi

Today was a relatively slow day where I feel like I did not get very much done. To a large extent this is because I spent a whole lot of time on trying something that ultimately did not work out at all.

I started the day by revisiting the app I “completed” yesterday; it wasn’t completely bug free, and I didn’t like its graphics, and I thought these would be quick fixes that could be a good warmup. The two big bugs were: 1) when moving a piece down, valid swaps were not recognized; and 2) the tiles were incomplete on the top and right edge. In both cases the solution turned out to be fixing typos. I had either forgotten to subtract 1 from an index somewhere, or made the range strict instead of inclusive. So while both were time-consuming to find and fix, neither bug was extremely enlightening. I then thought I would make it look prettier, so spent a little bit of time finding a different background, adjusting colors and so on.

At this point I thought I would try something new that wasn’t covered by a tutorial on this app I had just finished. There are 5 levels available on the game, but which one actually loads depends entirely on what is input in the code. I figured it would be relatively straightforward to let that selection be user-determined. To this end, I first spent a long time finding out how to connect a new page to the game page — it turned out to be simple, but took me a while to find. At this point I thought it would be easy to change the variable that loads the level based on which button is pressed, but it turns out that the connection goes to a file called UIViewController, but I needed that data in GameViewController. I looked into importing data from one file into another for a while, but I concluded that it was too complicated to bother with at this point and ended up scrapping the whole thing.

With that constituting a large part of my day, I wanted to do something different and tried to research a little bit on how reading level is generally tested. Almost without exception the answer is using text comprehension. Adam found an API (?) that allows scrolling text to be implemented, so I think I might look into that tomorrow as well as continuing research. I also started a new Sudoku app but feel that making more games is not giving me the expertise I need, so I will try a different approach tomorrow.

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