Day 9, May 29 – Vidushi

I spent most of my time today reading and trying to research useful components we could use on our app, when we get to building it. Having done quite a lot of coding, I switched to reading useful things for a change of pace. Using marquees seems to be a reasonable way to check things like reading speed, and making it adjustable seems useful, so that was the thing I’ve been looking into implementing today. The top result — and the one I spent most of my time on — was this subclass of UILabel by cbpowell. Adam had been tinkering with this one for a while, and it looks very promising so I thought I would do the same.

The main problem is that when the speed of some scrolling text is readjusted, the entire text goes back to its starting point. We both agreed that this sounds frustrating, so we tried to find what could be done to fix this. I spent some time reading the code, but since Adam had already gained a lot more insight into the files, I thought I would be more useful if I read the documentation instead. I did so and made several notes on features that could be useful, but ultimately drew a blank. There are lots of ways in which text can be restarted, but I found nothing that would tell me how to not restart it. I think the notes will be useful later on, especially if we choose to use this subclass, but at the moment I’m not sure how to fix this.

So instead I looked into other implementations of the same concept. At this point I have only a list of results that look useful, and hope to start by looking into these next week.

  1. AutoScrollLabel
  2. StackOverflow’s suggestions
  3. DVOMarqueeView
  4. Stormy Productions’ scrolling UILabel

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