6/1/15 – Adam Shaw

Having added another whole day of work to studying them, I can now officially say that Marquee Labels are the worst thing ever invented, ever. I don’t know why there isn’t a default library for their creation, but there isn’t, and so we must make do with numerous third party libraries. The one library which is written in swift I worked on last week. I didn’t work on it too much today, simply because I felt I had already exhausted its usefulness. Today, I instead spent almost the entire time trying to port a marquee label class from objective c over to swift. Turns out, when you don’t know the source language, and there isn’t sufficient commenting, porting can be quite difficult. At the end of the day I think I made a very very barebones version of, which should enable scrolling, and scroll rate alteration without forcing a text restart. However, the storyboard file will not run it. It accepts a created label as being a “ScrollingLabel”, and even allows a force unwrapping declaration. I can even edit its text data, as well as any data specific to only just the UILabel object. However, as soon as I start trying to edit the custom variables created for the animation the entire thing crashes, so I suppose I will spend tomorrow morning simply trying to discover why it does that. Vidushi is doing the same sort of work on a different Objective C library, so hopefully between the two of us we will produce meaningful results.

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