6/2/15 – Adam Shaw

Well, today I actually managed to get some good progress done, but the secret behind the Marquee Labels still eludes me. I spent the morning working on a variation of the label I had created yesterday. I was able to get the text to wrap around by adding it as a child to a larger node tree which I cast as a scrollview. This allowed the text to not have the characteristic “…” truncation, but I still couldn’t get my custom implementation to animate, most likely because I still don’t really understand how the other implementations work. The reason I don’t understand them is that they call upon a very poorly documented third party library, and it doesn’t explain its methods very well at all, so I am grasping at straws.

As for the good news, we got the iPads set up for testing today, and so far it works beautifully. Prof. Sweedyk thought we might only be able to validate one app at a time, but as far as I can tell I can validate as many as I want, so that is quite good. I basically spent a while playing around with the motion manager, and with the Core Motion framework in general. It honestly seems quite simple, though I don’t quite understand some of its implementation, for instance it prompts me with an init call for 3 arguments, but online it says to ignore this and pass in 5 arguments, which does seem to work, but I don’t understand what 3 of the arguments are doing, so there is definitely room for me to read some documentation and learn a little. I implemented gyroscopic control of the game I made last week, so that works pretty well. I will probably just keep on playing around with it/reading documentation for the near future.

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