Day 10, June 1 – Vidushi

The set of libraries I had listed in my last post were the subject of my research today. We are still on the hunt for an implementation that will also us to create a simple scrollable text label whose speed can be adjusted. While one of these straits seems to be easy to find, both together not so much; the first library that we looked at last week did give us the option to change scrolling speed, but returned to the beginning of the text every time it did so. I was hoping to find something that would not have this problem.

The first library I looked at was the DVOMarqueeView here. The big problem was that this library is entirely in Objective-C, so I spent a lot of my time trying to understand the syntax. The initializer of the Marquee label did set its speed, but the speed was not a parameter but a magic number, so I thought I could simply modify the initializer to take in the speed as a parameter. This proved more difficult because of the hierarchy of labels, but after some struggling I did manage to make this work successfully. At this point it seemed reasonable to make a button or something similar on the app interface to use the fact that this speed is now adjustable. This should be as simple as adding a button, but it turns out that in the old Objective-C interface, no motherboard files are included. So in order to have this button, I would have had to learn about nib and xib files. At this point I have no idea how to use those, but am hoping that it won’t be necessary. So I gave up on that end and looked at a different library.

The next one was this scrolling UILabel which was not a Xcode project at all, but just two files in Objective-C: just the .h and .m files of a UILabel subclass. Since I can’t actually see what this looks like, I decided to translate these two files into Swift and am in the middle of doing that now, and will probably continue along the same lines tomorrow.

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