6/3/15 – Adam Shaw

Success! Finally, after so many hours of staring at others’ implementation of marquee labels I just decided to do it myself, and it works! It even is gyroscopically controlled, so if you tilt the iPad more the text scrolls by faster, etc. etc. I can keep adding more features to it (attributed text, frame alteration, text resetting), but for now it is “good enough”. One potential problem is that my implementation works because I just allow a base label to be however long it needs to be to fit my desired text, and then I do animation scrolling along it. This could be a problem with exceptionally long text files that need to be read, but I have some ideas for how to add a cap to the length. Essentially if a text file was two times too long, the program would split it up into 3 parts, one covering the first 1/2, the next covering the middle 1/2, and the final covering the last 1/2 (or variations of those ratios). Then I would just have to find a smooth way to make one label disappear and to create the new label when needed, which I think I can do. I’m just pretty excited, because besides adding (a lot of) bells and whistles, this is the core functionality of the app!

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