Day 12, June 3 – Vidushi

Today I felt at a bit of a loss for what to do, possibly because of not being able to put anything to the test on an actual device. Now that doing so is an option, it feels like this is the most productive way to go, especially if we have a clear idea of what we intend for the UI of this app to look like. I think I will ask Prof Sweedyk if she is around and has the time tomorrow or later to help me set up my laptop to also work with a developer account, just to make sure we can both work on equally useful things.

Since testing the gyroscope is not possible without a device, I spent most of today looking into alternative methods for achieving what we want. The goal I was going for was the same as we have been attempting for a while now: a line of text that scrolls across the page, right to left or left to right, and does so at a speed which can be increased or decreased as per the user’s preference. I tried to do this in a couple of ways. Because a couple of implementations of this class already exist, I picked up where I left off yesterday and tried once again to get Objective C class files to work in Swift projects. Having followed the instructions pretty closely, I’m not sure why the problem has not been fixed, but my Swift files still do not recognize my ObjC class as being defined. I’m not sure whether this is still a useful thing to try but I might try to work this out some more tomorrow.

Otherwise, I thought I could try and use another implementation — this time in Swift — to see how close it gets to our desired implementation. I thought I could get around the problem of the text restarting when the speed is adjusted by pausing, then adjusting the speed, and then unpausing. Splitting into these three steps allowed me to trace the problem to the middle step. When the speed is reset, then a function that updates everything is called. This update function is probably where the restart is happening, and because the file is massive, I am only partially through the functions that could possibly be doing this. I am hoping that the line that does the restart will be identifiable once I trace through all the dependencies of which functions are called when. If this can be found, then it should be straightforward to get an adjustable speed scroller, which will be useful given that this implementation already has a lot of functionality that we wouldn’t have to hardcode ourselves.

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