Day 13, June 4 – Vidushi

My day today was spent half coding and half doing research. I started out by attempting to implement a scroller without any physical input — that is, since I can’t do much involving the gyroscope without a physical machine, I thought I could try implementing a scroller functionality whose input was entirely tap/touch. I got reasonably far in this, since it’s pretty straightforward to adapt the libraries we have been using for this so far into a text label that scrolls across at adjustable speeds. As before, though, I failed to find what aspect of the code was causing the entire label to reset when the speed is changed. So this isn’t very useful at this point, but I think that the issues can be resolved if we do decide to go towards non-physical input.

After our meeting, I tried to veer more towards the research aspect of how to build this app. The papers by Rayner that I have read so far offer a couple of interesting ways to go. In particular, one of his papers lists a set of phrases that judge whether predictability affect how frequently readers pause/skip words in their reading but taking a “target” phrase and preceding it with either a logical precursor or an unexpected precursor. This was fascinating to read and sounds like a good way to start our own database of paraphrases. I also spent some time looking at the Paraphrase Database and will start using it to come up with our own side-by-side paraphrases tomorrow.

Something else I looked at that was useful was the speed reading website Spreeder. This uses the technique of flashing up one word at a time and forcing the reader to ingest information much quicker than they would other wise; the WPM is adjustable, and I tried 300 WPM. Apparently this flashing technique is called RSVP and I think bears more investigation. Finally, I spent some time looking into Lillian Lee’s students’ research, and so far I haven’t found anything that is directly relevant, but the tangential ones seem to offer useful input. I will try to come up with a set of notes on these papers tomorrow.

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