6/5/15 – Adam Shaw

I started out the day just improving my Scrolling Label in little places. I couldn’t get the timer to be built in (the stopwatch is), so that means the timer will have to be called by the view controller independently of the label, which is fine I guess. I then spent a little while packaging up all the files I made into a group so I could move them to a new project. I decided to start creating our final app, and so created a new swift project and got to work. I initially considered designing the UI based solely for the iPad that I have, but at the end of the day we want this to be modular for people with many devices, phones included, and so I spent a huge majority of the day simply working in the geometry of the app, making everything scalable and referencable. At the moment there are zero magic numbers in my implementation, besides assigning font sizes, which I wrote an extension for so that it would be quite smooth. This means if the app is used on iPhone, which I admit I haven’t looked into yet, everything SHOULD automatically scale to the proportions and locations needed. That’s the theory in any case, lets see how it works in practice. There really isnt much more to say: I took over a whole whiteboard just so I could diagram out where all the objects would be going. It certainly isn’t pretty yet, but it’ll get there, hopefully by Monday or Tuesday of next week.

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