6/8/15 – Adam Shaw

A lot of good work got done today. After meeting with Prof Medero early in the morning, I had a fairly concrete set of goals to get through for the day. I first went about simplifying the UI using the built in XCode Storyboard editor. This made the process easier, but it sacrifices the ability to have elements scale as easily to different devices. I then created a few new view controllers for the new scenes I created and linked them all together via segues. This meant that options I selected in the first scene could be used by the actual label in the second scene, and data/metrics from the second scene could be displayed by the third scene. I then started working on implementing the metric which would track the indices of the string and the acceleration of the user at those indices. This turned out to be fairly simple, mostly because I had already written most of the code for it last week when I was implementing the words per minute functionality. One thing that took a little bit of time was that apparently Swift tuples are not hashable, and thus may not be used as keys in dictionaries. As I wanted the data to be in dictionary form for easy indexing, I decided to create a new data structure, the “Super Tuple”, or “Suple” for short, and implemented all the functionality of a tuple, just so I could use it in my dictionary. This worked well. The app is almost fully functional. I just need to a randomization to pick text samples (Vidushi also needs to give me those text samples), and then a few other bits and bobs, like exporting data. Hopefully I will finish up tomorrow, but more likely on wednesday.

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