Day 15, June 8 – Vidushi

In looking at the overview of our project, I spent a decent amount of my time today continuing reading the papers I had been working on last week. There is a lot to get out of them and I spent some more time making notes. After this I started working on this Google Doc, which is probably the best summary of the work I’ve been doing. At this point, I’ve spent most of my time just trying to come up with questions we might want answered, and tried to draw potential answers from the papers I’ve been reading. Once I do this for the three aspects of our project, I can start adding in answers that are more my own suggestions. I also think this document would make a good platform for us to update as we go so we can keep track of what work we have been doing.

Aside from this work, I definitely got partially distracted by trying to get Xcode 7 Beta to work on my laptop, and allow me to move apps onto my own devices. I have discovered that this isn’t too bad a process, but as expected there are a few snags. When you first try to open an old project in Xcode 7, it leads you through a process of updating the Swift code to Swift 2 code, which was fine, but the resulting changes produced a bunch of errors in my code. A lot of these errors weren’t syntactic, but in the settings somewhere, so it looks like the update process changes things without telling you that it is doing so. These are usually ok to resolve, and then it is just a matter of connecting devices and logging in to get the app running on the device. It looks like this gets easier after you run through it once, so I think we should move to Xcode 7 soon so we can easily test things as our development becomes better.

Tomorrow I intend to work further on the Google Doc linked above, as it is far from complete. There is definitely a lot of brainstorming and research left to be done before I even have all the questions, let alone all the answers.

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