Today I worked on putting the finishing touches on the app. I moved the uilabel over within its parent view so it couldn’t be seen from the initial view, but this proved to be quite troublesome because it meant that my way of measuring character indexes didn’t work for the initial frame of movement. I spent some time adding a new option with Bool as type, and then made an if statement which correctly counted the indices. I added a reset button the mainScrollView, so now the user can reset to the options menu. I also began testing larger and larger font sizes inside the app, and found that the sensitivity needed to be scaled up accordingly to whatever font size was being seen, because the sensitivity is pixel based, not word or character based. I became certified to test human subjects, so when we get our study approved we should be able to jump right in. I also spent some time testing the updateTimeInterval for the accelerometer, and found that after 0.2sec diminishing returns were hit, and so I decided to limit it to 0.2 sec, which lessens overall load, while keeping nearly the same data. Finally, I linked up sensitivity to font size, but will add a sub slider which allows for minute sensitivity alterations per font size, within a predetermined range.

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