Day 18, June 11 – Vidushi

The bulk of the work I did today was thinking about what to ask and how to design the study, as well as complete the NIH module. The module was saddening in parts (especially the historical events review) but seems like a good thing to have under my belt for the future. In terms of the study, we decided that we can reasonably expect the participant to go through 5 texts, and indeed that is a good number of texts to test for our purposes. We decided that the two big things worth testing are (1) the direction of the controls, normal or inverted; and (2) the font sizes. To this end, we decided we would use two texts with different controls, then ask the participant what they preferred, and then use three texts at different sizes, and ask them what they preferred once again. The only question that seems worth asking after every text is how they would rate their comprehension of the text.

We also will be assigning an ID number to each participant’s data set.

Finally, at the end of the five texts, we came up with seven questions to ask about options that we have, or options that we might be able to implement if they were requested. I think we have hit upon all the important settings that I could think of, and short of the actual texts I think we have most of the details figured out. I think it would be best to have different texts for each of the trials simply because reading the same text over and over might get frustrating for the participant. So tomorrow I am going to do my best to find neutral texts of similar difficulty level and have at least one pair with an inserted lexical differences between them.

We also think the app is basically functional, besides the crash that we haven’t been able to figure out, but hopefully that will be resolved soon too.

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