6/12/15 – Adam Shaw

I started out the day by continuing to work on the 1-in-10 bug. I don’t know if I actually fixed it, but I added an exception check to see if the target X is a nil value, in which case skip the setContentOffset step. I don’t understand how it could ever be nil, or why sometimes it would be nil if at all other times it wasn’t but whatever, hopefully this fixes it (though of course I don’t know because I can’t reproduce it). I added additional sensitivity options for finetuned control, and played around with the font to make it the most user friendly. I helped Vidushi with the flyer, and set up the email to send out the people. I then redid the data item sent by the app, so now it sends an array of doubles, instead of just the last recorded double. I then had to go back to my python program from yesterday to update it, which essentially consisted of adding a while loop where I .pop() things out of the list until it is empty, and just add more rows to the data.cvs file. I worked on graphing with matplotlib, so now the program automatically generates a graph given a file name generated by Vidushi’s program. We will be able to combine our programs so it automatically generates tons of graphs from text passed in by the email from the app.

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