Day 19, June 12 – Vidushi

I worked on a number of things today, starting with working on the flyer for our IRB proposal. I tried to make the flyer light on the text and added images which will hopefully be eye-catching? We did switch up our plans for the study design somewhat, which led to a minor change in the flyer. Since yesterday we had thought that we wouldn’t be testing different sensitivities, we had five texts that let us test different font sizes and controls, but in adding sensitivities we changed this to seven texts. We still think that this a reasonable number, because each text really doesn’t take very long, and given half an hour we think we can get a lot of data.

The second thing I worked on today was adapting my Python program to deal with multiple accelerations per indices. (That is, if someone goes backwards along the text and ends up at the same point as they were before with the same acceleration, we need to make sure the old data isn’t overwritten.) After Adam adapted his data collection to turn it into an array, I had some trouble trying to figure out how to figure out what number were indices and which were accelerations as a string. Adam suggested not getting rid of the colons to note where in the dictionaries the keys were located as opposed to values. Using this, and two nested while loops, I ended up getting a functional program.

Finally, I found seven texts and wrote alternate versions of all of them (lexical substitutions) that we can use on the study when we get around to doing it. I will attach the text file with those texts on Evernote. I tried to vary the kinds of texts — fictional, scientific, even an extract from Simple Wikipedia on quantum mechanics — and have an “easier” or “harder” version for each. I think we can pick from these texts, decide order and so on next week.

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