6/16/15 – Adam Shaw

Today I returned to the app in earnest. I made the modifications I meant to at the end of yesterday, namely converting it to a UILabel base, instead of textView base. This was a simple fix and worked marvelously, because I am fairly certain once instantiated, the .sizeToFit method of uitextview works to preserve width, whereas on UILabel it allows you to limit the number of lines, and then changes the width accordingly. I then went through and commented the rest of my code base, as well as cleaned up a few places, and altered the sensitivity values so it was a little more extreme, because I really couldn’t feel a difference. We then decided to start actually testing the app on each other, so I added the text sample Vidushi had made. Then, however, I realized I hadn’t set it up to work with the first study in the optimal way: we would effectively have to send 7 emails per use, which was just not feasible, so I went back through and rewrote a large part of the code to make it work better for the first study (though I kept what I replaced commented, so it can be easily placed back in once the first study is done, or I’ll just add an if check for it. We then tested each other, and found the whole test came out to 15-20 minutes, which we thought was a fair amount of time, so we will probably leave it as is. Overall, the app is now fully commented, and I think more easily understandable. Vidushi is leaving tomorrow, so I don’t know what I’ll be working on tomorrow, besides better implementing the first study/later studies options.

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