Day 20, June 15 – Vidushi

All I worked on today was fleshing out this document and spending some more time on the texts we want to use on the first study. For the first of those, I simply spent more time reading papers I hadn’t gotten to yet and seeing what I could learn from them that might be useful. There doesn’t seem to be too much on my list that would apply directly to our work, but reading up on more background was helpful. In particular, there are certain effects that I know occur just from reading and thinking about it — such as the fact that unfamiliar words cause fixations, and so on — but I had no citation for these, which sounds like it could be a problem down the line when we start working on our poster and paper. So reading papers where these effects were in fact discovered and cited properly seems like a good discovery.

The only other thing I worked on today was the list of texts we will be using for our study. I tried to diversify the set as much as possible to get different kinds of data, and the work I did today was mostly going through them again, making sure they were all a similar difficulty level (in my judgment, anyway), and making a few more lexical substitutions to make them even. I also used them to create two templates — one Adam can use, and one I can use — that ensures that the same person doesn’t read the A (“harder”) and B (“easier”) versions of the same text. I wanted to try and see whether this number of texts is reasonable within half an hour, considering that we also want to give them time to get used to the app and answer the survey. Hopefully all the reworking of the app will be done by tomorrow and we can do a practice run.

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