Day 22, June 22 – Vidushi

All my work today was basically attempting to prepare for the study tomorrow. The consent forms required some adjustment before printing; in particular, they still said we were offering $5 gift cards as compensation. I replaced that with $5 cash and took out the mention of the IRB approval and printed 20 copies of the consent form, 10 each for me and Adam. Since we have 9 people maximum a day, I think we should be fine, but it does look like we are getting far more sign-ups than I had originally expected. I also created a sheet (one for each of us) that simply asserts that the participant received compensation, which we will make them sign at the end of the study. So right now we each have a stack of consent forms and one compensation form for tomorrow. We seem to be fully booked for tomorrow, so it looks good.

The other thing I spent some time working on was the IRB application for our next study. Using the filled-out form from the first study, I went through and changed all the things that I thought should be changed. Besides the purpose of the study and the data collection methods, much of the bulk of the detail seems to be the same, since we expect the study to still be minimal risk. I uploaded this form to Evernote in case we want to look over it now, early as it is. The second study shouldn’t require too much more work, but I expect the third to be more complicated, since it might involve minors.

Since we haven’t gotten the app to be fully functional on the second iPad, it seems like we might have some trouble with halt the data tomorrow. This shouldn’t be too much of a problem for this study, since it’s really the participants’ responses to the survey that matter, but I hope we get the data anyway. It would be a shame to lose up to half of the data, which could be useful even if not all usable for the next study.

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