6/22/15 – Adam Shaw

Today I worked on various aspects of the project, from the swift app, to data analysis, to the user study itself. I started out by altering the swift code to change what data we take in. Now we also record the time of each data point in the master data system, though this will exactly reflect the index value unless a reader has to go back over a word multiple times, which is certainly a possibility (if the user monotonically uses the app in the forward state, the index data will line up perfectly with the time data). This work required me to return to my Suple class, and because there is no == definition for AnyObject, and because making AnyObject equatable would produce irreparably dire consequences, I decided to just make a slightly ugly solution and create a new type of Tuple. No, not a tuple, not a suple, but a Duple!. Its a super-DUPER-tuple (which holds a double and a suple). In this way we store the time data. Luckily, this was an easy fix and did not require any alteration to the python data analyzer because of my alterations on Friday which made the system directly read the text from my modified dictionary string definitions. After I did this I worked on data tools, adding the ability to plot multiple data sets, as well as smoothing the file creation process. I created the spreadsheet for user sign ups and sent out the email. We already have 25+ signups, which is great! One problem which we NEED to deal with is that if the iPad is not currently logged in, as one of ours is, the app can not email data, so we must deal with that tomorrow or later.

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