6/23/15 – Adam Shaw

Today was all about user studies! We started out the day by trying to get the other two iPads to work with the emailer, but unfortunately Vidushi’s just didn’t work, and Prof. Medero’s wasn’t validated by Z so we couldn’t even connect the app to it. From there user studies began, which were fairly uneventful, and we got some good data, though the good ol’ 1 in 10 bug came back A LOT. I really just don’t understand. I have now committed myself to history by posting a query on stack overflow about what is causing it, and maybe I’ll get a response? Hopefully, because the app can not be shipped as is. I think tomorrow after user studies I am going to completely remake the app, making a completely new project, and copy paste over files and see if that changes anything, but of course the bug never happens for me, so it will be quite hard to test. As for the user studies themselves, people seemed to prefer smaller texts, as I anticipated, but were all over the board for the sensitivities, which was a little odd. I guess we will just leave it at the medium sensitivity, and call it done? Initial plots of the data appear quite promising, there seem to be definite peaks and and dips in the acceleration as a function of time, as we would expect/hope for. Tomorrow and in the future I will work on converting to swift 2.0, moving to a new project, fixing the 1-in-10, and changing the way the app is held for the accelerometer to work.

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