Day 23, June 23 – Vidushi

We spent the entire day today carrying out the experimental study, except for the first few hours of the day where we tried to sort out some bugs. One of the iPads we are using isn’t properly logged into the CS department’s Apple ID, which means that when we try to use this ID to send the data as an email, the whole app crashes. We thought logging out and then logging in again with one of our own IDs would fix this, but apparently you need a password to log out as well as log in, so we are at an impasse. So half the studies we carried out today did not have any data to get from it. We still have the survey results, of course, but only half of the users’ accelerometer readings and so on.

The studies themselves were pretty interesting. There was a much larger variety in the responses than I had personally expected, and also some unanimity in things that hadn’t occurred to me. I thought there would be a clear preference for either inverted or normal controls, but it’s a pretty mixed bag; some people suggested it might just be whichever one they tried first, or they could get used to either. In general, my dislike of the largest font size seems to be shared by most people, since nobody liked it best out of the three we offered and a number of people suggested that they strongly disliked it. Everyone who wanted more options seems to want in on the lower end of the font size spectrum. Similarly, people want to see more options for sensitivity but at the lower end of that spectrum too.

I expect tomorrow to be very similar to today, but hopefully once we have all the data we can get cracking on analyzing it in more interesting ways. After the study tomorrow I will work on making our plots labeled and hopefully we can start to figure out what features of the app we should choose for the next iteration of this study.

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