Day 25, June 25 – Vidushi

We spent a decent amount of the morning preparing for and presenting at the CS Open House. We didn’t do too much by way of decoration, but printed out most of our data so far to give an idea of what kind of analysis we would be carrying out. The Open House itself was interesting, as it was nice to get non-CS people taking an interest in our work. We got a reasonable number of sign-ups for the next study, especially if we aim for it to be similar in scale to the one we just finished conducting. It really helped me polish the pitch for our project, just as I had done during the study.

Beyond this, I wanted to spend some time doing something useful with the data from our first study, but I’m not sure what we want to do with it. I hope this is something we address soon!

What I actually ended up doing was working with the data presentation. I did successfully use the module mpldatacursor to get our graphs to have labels on them. Now, when you click on a point, it displays its coordinates and the word that corresponds to that data reading:
Word Labels
This turned out to be more straightforward than I thought, but it took a long time to understand all the code behind mpldatacursor. This done, I asked Adam what else would be useful and he pointed out that right now, the “word” at each point is really a subword, and it might be more helpful to see the entirety of the word it corresponds to. I spent some time working on this, and have it basically done; I just need to find a succinct way of stripping the string of punctuation that can be turned on and off, because I can imagine that sometimes punctuation would be useful. This shouldn’t take too long, so hopefully I will find something else useful to do tomorrow.

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