6/25/15 – Adam Shaw

Today featured a lot of good, a lot of bad, and a whole lot more bad, all centered around the mysterious black bars. Essentially all my work today was focused on finding what I call the “Black Bar Bug” occurs, and the conclusion is: I have no idea. Its not a memory issue, because I monitored memory, and added in random calls to increase usage, but still never exceeded any limits. Its not a CPU issue, because I checked the logs on each of the activated threads, consolidated actions to just thread 1, stop accelerometer functioning and more, and still never went over 7% cpu usage. I debugged through to find the uiwindow in which I was situated, and the simulator tells me I am in the correct view controller, even though the screen remains obstinately on the OVC. I tested on the other iPad, and the same phenomena occurred, BUT AFTER 5 CYCLES, NOT 4. WHAT. On the computer simulator IT NEVER OCCURS. So I am so confused. I don’t know what could be causing it, except for something in the iPad itself. Wait, I just had an idea. I think it might be because one of the threads stalls up on the UITransitionView. This would cause the memory limit on the simulator to not be updated until the CPU became “unstuck”. I can’t test right now, but will tomorrow… Sorry for the shorter post, but today was literally all debugging this thing.

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