Day 27, June 29 – Vidushi

My plans for what to do today changed a little bit from what I had anticipated. First, I finished off the function I was working on last week — having each word’s “acceleration delta” calculated and stored somewhere. Instead of simply giving each word one of two labels (“faster” and “slower”) as I had planned, I instead used the following approach: for each whole word, look at the acceleration while that word was being read. Compare this acceleration value to the accelerations immediately before and immediately after (since we take readings every 0.2 seconds, this was easy enough to find). Then classify the word as one of the following:

  • If the acceleration at that word (accel) is larger in value than both the one before it and the one after it, call it a “spike”
  • If accel is smaller than both before and after, call it a “dip”
  • If accel is smaller than the one before, but larger than the one after, then it is on a “decreasing” trend
  • The opposite of the one above is on an “increasing” trend

This wasn’t too bad to do, so then I thought it would be worthwhile to see on the graph whether my function is actually doing something useful, so I thought I could add the word type (one of the four things above) to each data point in the plot. This should be straightforward, since I already have labels. Trying to implement this led me to a problem I spent the whole day on. Every attempt to make this work gave me assorted errors, and in fixing them for hours I ended up figuring out that the acceleration/words in one function were totally different from the acceleration/words in another. I have no idea why this is happening and have been trying to fix it since I realized that this was the problem. So far, my *guess* is that one function is only storing the acceleration/words for one text, while the other is storing them for all seven texts — i.e. one person’s trial. I have yet to prove this and have a suspicion that I will have to rework a lot of the program to figure out what the problem is. No obvious place shows two different sources being used, so I may just need to understand the control flow better. This is probably more than enough to occupy me for a while.

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