Day 47, July 28 – Vidushi

Most of my work today was, as expected, related to writing the paper. I did the small mechanical things first – set up¬†the GitHub repo on my own machine so I could update it easily, anonymized the paper, adjusted a few formatting things. I also went through and commented out sections of the paper that we discussed as being probably not necessary. After this, I spent most of the day working on the results section, rewriting it to clarify our process, and putting in the table of relevant data. It’s probably about time to get to work on the discussion section more properly, as it is the only section I haven’t tackled much at all. After meeting with Prof Medero, I mostly spent my time trying to create a logo for the app/project. I fixed the poster’s formatting somewhat, and gave the titles colors to catch the eye a little more. I wanted to add colored borders to the boxes, but the text boxes themselves are too close to the text, and adding the border looks cramped. I may try adding in empty squares and see if it looks appealing. Besides that, with some kind of a logo present, I think the poster is in good shape.

Day 46, July 27 – Vidushi

Today’s work was entirely based on the paper for NAACL. I started by putting in Adam’s write-ups for the Data Analysis and Results sections, and spent some time fixing the formatting after that. Then I got to work on the Introduction and Background sections, which I have been avoiding for ages. I reduced the range of topics I wanted to cover in the Introduction, since on reflection it seems to me not everything is relevant… eye-tracking seems to be most pertinent, so I’ve started writing up that part. I ended up coming Intro and Background, but if it becomes too unwieldy I may undo that later. At the moment, I think I am reasonably close to finishing the introduction, and have mostly been working on weeding out the unnecessary things to make more room for other citations we might need. A couple of mechanical things I need to remember to do are:

  • Set up a git remote to upload images that TeX file needs to compile
  • Update repo with latest version of paper (also needs remote)
  • Anonymize the paper

Day 45, July 24 – Vidushi

Today’s work was much the same as yesterday’s – I started the morning by fixing the issues in the poster from yesterday, on a content and formatting level. I haven’t really spent enough time trying to make it look more attractive, mostly because I find this hard to do without making it look tacky, but I will definitely get to it soon. The rest of the time I worked on the paper and also did some statistical analysis. As Adam wrote the Results section, we thought it would be good to have some indication of the statistical significance of the results we were showing, so I had to spend a couple of hours fixing my code to work with the new data. Instead of word by word comparisons, we now wanted a passage to passage comparison, so I had to account for that functionality too. Generally our results are not ideal, but we have at least 3 good numbers which we will add to the paper soon.

Adam’s Results section needs to be added to the TeX file, which is probably what I will start with on Monday. I’m going to do something about the logo on the poster, and except for that I think it has to be mostly writing the other sections of the paper. I tried to make sure I had Adam’s input before writing it all up, and I think I have a reasonable idea of what is left to write.

Day 44, July 23 – Vidushi

After having completed a draft of the poster yesterday, I spent today trying to tackle the rest of the paper. In the morning, I went through the sections I had already written and worked on refining them some more, and continued outlining the sections I hadn’t yet started working on. Fortunately, reasonably¬†early on in the day Adam finished commenting his code, so I handed off the Data Analysis section to him. Besides that, we have the Results, Summary, and Future Plans sections left, not to mention the Introduction. I think it makes most sense for Adam and I to do those three sections together, but I think I can tackle the Introduction by myself, so I’ve started working on that. There really isn’t much else to say, since it’s just the drafting process… I think tomorrow I will start by changing the poster according to the pointers Prof Medero gave earlier today, just to introduce some variety into all my TeXing. Then I hope to finish off the Introduction tomorrow, and figure out how we want to present our data. I don’t think the paper draft will be complete tomorrow, but I think we will have enough of a foundation that I can continue working on it by myself next week.

7/23/15 – Adam Shaw

This morning I did nothing, but write comments for the iPad app and the last of the data analysis functions. Everything is done though and so I can theoretically add it to the github now. However, just after finishing I realized we still need data for our results section so I tried to figure out what would be a good way to display that data. I think comparing the easy vs. hard pairs for the three text types would be best, as it gives us 3 distinct checks. I worked on the data analysis section of the paper for a little bit, and I’ll edit it tomorrow. With only a day left I made these goals for myself for tomorrow: 1. put everything on github, 2. finish my parts of the paper, 3. look over the poster and edit, 4. get relevant metrics for the poster/paper, 5. make a better icon for the app, as that is very very important. Tomorrow should be pretty stressful, but its the last one!

Day 43, July 22 – Vidushi

I started the morning by trying to work on the paper a little more. Although I felt like I did a large part of the body yesterday, in retrospect it seems like there’s a lot more missing than there is done. This is probably because I didn’t outline the results/summary section very well, not having any idea (at the time) what that would look like. So I spent some time trying to form that outline, and I think that besides the detail required for Data Analysis, the rest of the sections can be properly outlined and partially written up tomorrow.

After getting tired of TeXing, though, I decided to work on the poster instead. That was a lot more fun, and I modeled the layout a little bit on my poster from last year. There really isn’t anything very exciting to say here, since it was all the same information written up for the presentation and the paper. The challenge was condensing it, making the prose clear, and laying out the poster in a semi-aesthetically appealing way. I also had to learn how to cite PhD dissertations, which I still don’t think I’ve gotten entirely right, since I couldn’t find an accession number. Besides minor fixes to the bibliography section, I think the poster is pretty much done. So I’ll get back to the paper tomorrow.

7/22/15 – Adam Shaw

I started the morning by finishing up the graphing features of the multi data analyzer so that it had graphing by range functionality. I then went back through and adjusted how we took the averages and combined data, so that it would be easy to instead take medians. I looked up what the median equivalent of standard deviation was and found out that it was median absolute deviation (or MAD). I implemented this metric, and then made some graphs of medians with MAD error bars instead of averages with standard deviation error bars. It still wasn’t perfect, but it looked better, and one plot in particular looked excellent. I then started commenting through EVERYTHING so that any future researcher will know how the data tools worked. Luckily, because I had already completely changed it to an OO approach the commenting was not that bad as I didn’t have to explain any magic numbers. Vidushi then asked me to work on making the graphs more readable for the poster so I did that for 30 minutes, and gave her our two best graphs which looked pretty good and bold. The poster is looking excellent, as a side note. With just two days left my remaining jobs are: 1. Comment the swift code which I never commented, 2. Publish my python code and swift code to our repository for posterity’s sake, 3. Write the data analysis sections of the poster and paper.