7/1/15 – Adam Shaw

After fixing the bbb yesterday, today was reserved for reflection on why it happened, as well as for setting up the app for phase 2 of testing. As or why the bug happened, I am fairly certain it had to do with a strong reference loop, between the view controller and the scrolling label, where, even though both were deinitialized, they each held a strong reference to the other, meaning even when deallocated they were not deinitialized, causing a memory stack to develop. Why Xcode’s built in memory manager did not see this, I don’t know, but I am fairly certain this was the cause. Vidushi and I talked for a bit about how we wanted me to set up the app for phase 2, and it is all fairly easy to accomplish. I spent most of the day just transferring my code over to a new project, cleaning and simplifying as I went and making adjustments to better suit our purposes. Some alterations: making Suple generic dependent, removing the dependence on stated arguments, cleaning the scrolling label index storing as well as making syntax and naming structures more uniform across all classes. If we intend to show this to other professionals at a conference in the future I want it to be maximally readable, but I will keep working on this. At the end of the day I have implemented the first two view controllers, now renamed, confusingly enough from OVC and MVC to IVC and TVC respectively. Tomorrow I will finish with the third view controller, then convert to swift 2.0 and fix any of the inevitably ensuing bugs.

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