Day 33, July 8 – Vidushi

In the morning, I spent most of my time finishing up the texts for the second study. Beyond writing the last two that I needed to come up with, I changed a few to get a larger contrast between the two versions of the text, and tried to find texts very different in tone from the ones we had used in the last study. I am slightly worried that in the ones of my own invention (and actually also the ones where I substituted words), the change is a little too noticeable — one story makes a lot more sense than the other, one word seems more appropriate than the other, and so on. Hopefully this is not a problem, since the user’s reaction to unexpected elements of the text should be part of the signal, not the noise.

After this I wasn’t sure what to do, so I started working on an outline for our presentation, which is admittedly still a while away (July 21st, Tuesday). Since Adam has been working on the data analysis, it seems that all components of the second study are basically done, so we are waiting for approval. My “outline” is more of a brainstorm of all the things I think we should talk about, and approximately what we might want to say about it, and can be found here. It isn’t done yet, and I think that I underestimated how much time we might want to spend talking about some specific things — like how the sentence pairs work, where they come from, and what the three types mean.

Other things I did in between all of this include creating a spreadsheet for sign-ups for the second study. Since we seem to be going for more texts this time, I allotted 45 minutes for each slot, as opposed to the 30 last time. I think this should give us enough time to answer questions, do the test and prepare for the next person, but we’ll find out when I do a test run. I also drafted the email that will contain the link to the sign-ups. Using the interest indication we did at the open house, this email will be sent to both the CS summer researchers list and also all the other students that expressed interest.

Finally, since Prof Medero suggested doing a test run, I figured I should sort out what exactly we will be doing during the course of the study before I try and practice it. This involves figuring out how much we want to tell the participant, figuring out the order in which things should go, and also creating the new consent forms to make sure they know only as much as we want them to know. I think I have the logistics of the study more or less figured out, so I think tomorrow I will try to find someone willing to volunteer for 45 minutes.

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