Day 34, July 9 – Vidushi

I feel like as much as I have done today, there is very little to summarize about it. I started off the day by modifying the forms from the first study a little bit so that they would fit the second study — that is, the consent form and the signature form. I didn’t know whether this had been done already, but it was a brief enough job that I thought I may as well do it anyway. With this, I think I’m ready for a test run of the second study, but I didn’t know who to ask, since everyone is busy with their own work and is unlikely to have 45 minutes to spare. Last time Adam and I tried the study on each other so perhaps we can do something similar this time when we have everything else figured out.

After that I basically worked on the presentation. We have realized that we have two weeks-ish left in which to run a user study, get results from that study, give a presentation and create a poster. Since Adam was working on the data aspect, I couldn’t think of anything more productive to do than working on the presentation. I completed the presentation I had linked yesterday (and here it is again), and I was planning to edit it into a presentable format. Ultimately, though, I decided to leave that as a bunch of notes and instead got a custom theme called Viola and worked with that. I think after today’s work I am actually pretty close to done with the presentation. A lot of it is in outline format, and I expect us to talk a lot more than just read off the slides, so they are relatively simple. There is a lot left in terms of the results, in particular, which I don’t expect to fill out until next week. Until then, if the basic body of the presentation is done, I will probably start to work on what I think we should actually be saying during the presentation for each slide.

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