Day 35, July 10 – Vidushi

As with yesterday, I’m not sure there is anything very exciting to summarize about what I worked on today. My first step was to spend some more time with the presentation slides. For however much we want to actually put up on the screen, I think I am done with everything that I could think of. Of course once Adam takes a look at them there might be some changes, but for my part I think putting less text on-screen is probably fine. Since the text is only a small part of the information we actually want to convey, I started working on putting together notes (to be turned into flashcards later) for what I actually want to be saying. A lot of this seems to depend on what results we gather from the second study (or even the first, if we get useful results), so I’ve done the outlining I can.

Besides this, I started looking into writing a final report in the format of a conference paper, as Prof Medero suggested. Finding the TeX file online took some digging, but I have it now and have started putting things in. After doing this for a while it seems to me that it might be easier to first outline on a separate document, and then start filling the TeX file in, just because the whole document is somewhat overwhelming. From the documents I’ve written up before, Prof Medero’s papers, and the papers I read for research, I think I can hopefully follow patterns/pull information straight out of them to make this outline for our final report. My intention is, if we don’t start with study 2 things on Monday, to start pulling useful bits out of my previous writeups and start putting them into an outline.

I also started looking at my research poster from last year to see what kind of format we might want to present our work in, but this is probably something I can work on more with Adam later on.

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