7/13/15 – Adam Shaw

As we desperately await IRB acceptance of our user study, I just sort of lethargically worked my way through the multiple data analysis part of work today. First I worked on making the timing data more accessible, getting the standard deviation and average and what not. I integrated that into the multiple data analysis, and simplified the data structure a little. I then worked on printing the data, to make it print the words whose data indicate they are “hard”. I worked on graphing, converting our previous graphs to fancy 6-D graphs (3 spatial dimensions, a color dimension, a dimension indicated by marker icon, and a dimension indicated by line style). They are actually fairly cool. Most of the actual data analysis coding was done last week, so today was all about printing it out nicely. Now we just wait for IRB, twiddling our thumbs. I’m also going to implement index input, so you can specify which words to compare.

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