7/14/15 – Adam Shaw

I started out the day by making sure the app was properly set up, running it through its paces a few times. I corrected a few things (not bugs, just areas I had commented out for testing, and needed to comment back in for the actual study). I then added the text file Vidushi gave me and worked on setting up the data analysis with the new text. It turned out to be a little annoying because of smart quotations which kept on messing up my eval() statements, but I eventually got it all working. After lunch we jumped right into user studies. We got through 10 today, taking about 30 minutes per user, so it was good we gave them a little extra time. There were no app issues, except I think I want to disable the ability for the user to set the default acceleration, as that is really only useful for up down tilt, and kinda messes up left right tilt. Overall, user studies were good, but the data is MASSIVE. I’m glad I took the time to make the printing of hard words nice and pretty yesterday, as that was a real boon. Not much more to say as I couldn’t work on the data tools during the study. We have almost a full day of studies tomorrow, and then back to data analysis.

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