Day 36, July 13 – Vidushi

After trying, last week, to directly start drafting our final report paper in the TeX file provided by the NAACL, I thought that I would try a different approach. It’s rather intimidating to start writing a paper from scratch, and for a reasonably sized paper, an outline is probably a better starting point. So this is pretty much what I’ve been doing all day. I changed my mind a few times about what was important enough to get its own chapter; for example, I initially had Text Pairs as a chapter (to explain the three types, where the justification came from, the text sources, and so on), but I later made it a subsection of the Experimental Setup chapter. There is still a lot to say, but right now I think it works as a subsection.

A big chunk of the outline is reiterating things I have documented previously, such as my document on the study design for Study 2. As a result, parts of the outline went by pretty fast. Things like the Introduction and Background chapters, however, are more daunting, and I haven’t gotten very far yet. The Results chapter is blank at the moment, and I haven’t written up much of Data Analysis, since it seems the program has changed a lot since I last worked on it. Besides this, I think the chapters are reasonably well fleshed out. Tomorrow I intend to outline and write the Introduction, and maybe the background if I get to it.

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