7/15/15 – Adam Shaw

We started the day with more user testing, but unfortunately two of our participants dropped through. We only got 7 more people today, and so we have far fewer people than we did last study (17 vs 27). We are going to try and get more participants for the next few days, but don’t know how well that will go. We got a few people from the open house, but overall it was all CS people, so we will just have to try and recruit harder. After the user studies I worked on the data analysis tools, allowing us to now compare in an index of a specific text, which means we can do direct word to word comparisons. This required me to spend an hour and a half sorting a dictionary (which contained a nested dictionary), but it eventually all worked, and early appraisals look positive (qualitatively significant difference between trouble words in the A and B version of texts). Tomorrow I will work on developing a quantitative version of this difference. I will first work on making a new graphing function while Vidushi looks up what statistical test to use, and once she finds one that she likes I will implement it, and hopefully we can see some real significance.

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