Day 38, July 15 – Vidushi

Most of the work today was straightforward to summarize – in the morning we went through a number of participants in our study. Because of my mess up when creating the spreadsheet, we ended up with people in 30-minute slots this morning, but saw no difference in how long the test took, so it all worked out reasonably well. We had one person who couldn’t make it due to an unexpected meeting, so we now have a total of 17 people represented in our data. The experience was much like yesterday, but today I noticed more that many people read for speed regardless of our explanation at the start to read for comprehension. Some of them looked like they just breezed past the test words and phrases without any reaction, and even afterwards when we explained our logic they didn’t always recognize that such sentences had been used. I suspect we will have good numbers for the lexical and semantic comparisons all the same (based on the one we ran today, at least) but I am not sure about the syntactic passages.

After the studies I spent a while trying to go through every passage and figure out what points would be worth looking at. I decided to go with one-to-one word comparisons for all of them except the “B” or “O” versions of the syntactic sentences, but after talking with Prof Medero later it seems like one-to-one indices can be found for that too. So that will be my first task tomorrow. Other things to do include:

  • Email and recruit more participants
  • Possibly carry out more studies
  • Research significance tests (paired T-test, etc.)
  • Flesh out presentation
  • Finish outline of final report

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