7/20/15 – Adam Shaw

And the last week begins! Vidushi and I came in a little late this morning because we were helping with the Mudd Discovery Day, but after arriving we first started working on our presentation for tomorrow. Vidushi had already worked on it previously, and has done a great job, so there wasn’t really a whole lot to change, we just needed to update some Data Analysis slides, and split up the speaking parts. We went into the conference room and read it out loud, and it was 12 minutes without the results section, which we have now added. That seems to be perfect timing, so I think everything should go smoothly tomorrow.

I then got to work on simplifying the data analysis process, as I am worried that it is too structure dependent, instead of OO dependent. I made classes for words, and textSources and converted everything from being massive dictionaries to arrays of custom classes with custom variables. I translated the whole singleDataAnalyzer over to this new infrastructure, but upon testing a few minutes ago it gets massively slowed down in one particular method, where I convert partial words to my new word class, so I’m going to try and figure out why that is and fix it tomorrow, and then convert the multiDataAnalyzer to the new system. Then I will try to do some new graphs, as well as graph medians, instead of just means.

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