Day 42, July 21 – Vidushi

We spent maybe an hour this morning preparing for and giving our final presentation. I don’t think there was too much left to do; Adam and I had practiced the day before and we successfully improvised whatever we hadn’t thought of. I think the presentation went well, if a little long, perhaps also due to not starting at exactly half past. Besides the presentation, I spent a little time in the morning trying to decide what the poster should look like, since that is something we should have pretty much down before the end of this week. It seems to me that we would be ok covering the same content as we did in our presentation, but with a lot more fleshing out, since the presentation was much more supplemented by our oral explanation. I intend to spend some time on that tomorrow, especially if I get tired of TeXing, which I can imagine happening.

The second half of the day I spent entirely working on our final report in TeX, using the NAACL style file to format it. I began by putting in only section headers so we have a skeleton, and placed brief summaries of the sections I didn’t want to write just yet — the introduction and the background sections in particular, which maybe should not be separate sections at all. I had a pretty reasonable outline for the body of the paper, so I wrote up two sections today — the App and the Experiment, which talks about app implementation, features, the experimental logistics, and the text pairs. I’m a little reluctant to tackle Results and Data Analysis, so I was thinking of writing Future Directions first. Then perhaps Results, and if TeXing gets too much, working on the poster!

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