Day 43, July 22 – Vidushi

I started the morning by trying to work on the paper a little more. Although I felt like I did a large part of the body yesterday, in retrospect it seems like there’s a lot more missing than there is done. This is probably because I didn’t outline the results/summary section very well, not having any idea (at the time) what that would look like. So I spent some time trying to form that outline, and I think that besides the detail required for Data Analysis, the rest of the sections can be properly outlined and partially written up tomorrow.

After getting tired of TeXing, though, I decided to work on the poster instead. That was a lot more fun, and I modeled the layout a little bit on my poster from last year. There really isn’t anything very exciting to say here, since it was all the same information written up for the presentation and the paper. The challenge was condensing it, making the prose clear, and laying out the poster in a semi-aesthetically appealing way. I also had to learn how to cite PhD dissertations, which I still don’t think I’ve gotten entirely right, since I couldn’t find an accession number. Besides minor fixes to the bibliography section, I think the poster is pretty much done. So I’ll get back to the paper tomorrow.

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