7/23/15 – Adam Shaw

This morning I did nothing, but write comments for the iPad app and the last of the data analysis functions. Everything is done though and so I can theoretically add it to the github now. However, just after finishing I realized we still need data for our results section so I tried to figure out what would be a good way to display that data. I think comparing the easy vs. hard pairs for the three text types would be best, as it gives us 3 distinct checks. I worked on the data analysis section of the paper for a little bit, and I’ll edit it tomorrow. With only a day left I made these goals for myself for tomorrow: 1. put everything on github, 2. finish my parts of the paper, 3. look over the poster and edit, 4. get relevant metrics for the poster/paper, 5. make a better icon for the app, as that is very very important. Tomorrow should be pretty stressful, but its the last one!

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