Day 44, July 23 – Vidushi

After having completed a draft of the poster yesterday, I spent today trying to tackle the rest of the paper. In the morning, I went through the sections I had already written and worked on refining them some more, and continued outlining the sections I hadn’t yet started working on. Fortunately, reasonably early on in the day Adam finished commenting his code, so I handed off the Data Analysis section to him. Besides that, we have the Results, Summary, and Future Plans sections left, not to mention the Introduction. I think it makes most sense for Adam and I to do those three sections together, but I think I can tackle the Introduction by myself, so I’ve started working on that. There really isn’t much else to say, since it’s just the drafting process… I think tomorrow I will start by changing the poster according to the pointers Prof Medero gave earlier today, just to introduce some variety into all my TeXing. Then I hope to finish off the Introduction tomorrow, and figure out how we want to present our data. I don’t think the paper draft will be complete tomorrow, but I think we will have enough of a foundation that I can continue working on it by myself next week.

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