Day 46, July 27 – Vidushi

Today’s work was entirely based on the paper for NAACL. I started by putting in Adam’s write-ups for the Data Analysis and Results sections, and spent some time fixing the formatting after that. Then I got to work on the Introduction and Background sections, which I have been avoiding for ages. I reduced the range of topics I wanted to cover in the Introduction, since on reflection it seems to me not everything is relevant… eye-tracking seems to be most pertinent, so I’ve started writing up that part. I ended up coming Intro and Background, but if it becomes too unwieldy I may undo that later. At the moment, I think I am reasonably close to finishing the introduction, and have mostly been working on weeding out the unnecessary things to make more room for other citations we might need. A couple of mechanical things I need to remember to do are:

  • Set up a git remote to upload images that TeX file needs to compile
  • Update repo with latest version of paper (also needs remote)
  • Anonymize the paper

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