Day 47, July 28 – Vidushi

Most of my work today was, as expected, related to writing the paper. I did the small mechanical things first – set up the GitHub repo on my own machine so I could update it easily, anonymized the paper, adjusted a few formatting things. I also went through and commented out sections of the paper that we discussed as being probably not necessary. After this, I spent most of the day working on the results section, rewriting it to clarify our process, and putting in the table of relevant data. It’s probably about time to get to work on the discussion section more properly, as it is the only section I haven’t tackled much at all. After meeting with Prof Medero, I mostly spent my time trying to create a logo for the app/project. I fixed the poster’s formatting somewhat, and gave the titles colors to catch the eye a little more. I wanted to add colored borders to the boxes, but the text boxes themselves are too close to the text, and adding the border looks cramped. I may try adding in empty squares and see if it looks appealing. Besides that, with some kind of a logo present, I think the poster is in good shape.

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