Week 3, September 21-25 – Maury

From last week, my attention has shifted from literature review to getting the logistics of this “research class” laid out. As such, I do not have much of an update this week. So, I am working on a proposal for my research project throughout the semester. I will have a draft of the proposal to Prof. Julie by next week, and I will receive her critique and revise as necessary. Hopefully, once I finish the proposal, I can post what I have so you all can see a formal description of what I plan to work on. After that, I can delve back into the literature review and write up something formal regarding what I have found.

In other news, I tried to get an instance of Box (which I talked about in last week’s post) working on my Amazon AWS account. But unfortunately, I am getting a weird error. Over the last three days, I have failed in creating an EC2 instance using the Box image. I contacted the creator of Box, so I hope to receive a reply and get everything working by next week. If that does not work, I will look into setting up my own instance of Moses.

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