TextScroll: Week 1, June 8 – Michelle

There was some really loud drilling going on outside of Sprague this morning, so I set up TeamViewer and went to work remotely. I have about 80% completion  on the Lynda tutorial, and supplemented these videos with practice problems I found here, especially for foreign concepts like enumerations and closures. Thanks to these sites, I understand functions, enumerations, closures, and structures better than I did yesterday. The Lynda tutorials sometimes introduced complex techniques I couldn’t totally understand, but I’ve concluded that the course is designed to expose you to every possible thing you could see in the wild, and I probably won’t see this crazy stuff in TextScroll. If I ever find that I actually need to know, I can always refer back to these videos.

Perusing the current TextScroll code, I am able to understand most of the syntax, which is encouraging. While I’m sad I didn’t get to build my first app today, it’s something I’m definitely looking forward to tomorrow after I get through the last few Lynda videos covering subscripts, protocols, subclassing, and access control.

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