TextScroll: Week 1, June 9 – Michelle

The Lynda tutorial has mostly entered obscure territory at this point, so I’m in no hurry to finish up the last bit. I learned more about protocols and subscripts from what I watched today. For subscripts I supplemented the Lynda video with this, which helped me better understand why subscripts are useful and how its syntax works. What I mainly did today was start building apps by following Hacking with Swift, and got a basic image viewer and flag-guessing game successfully running. I got some experience with the storyboard, image display, buttons, and more. While the UI stuff was all new and exciting, the syntax being introduced was all familiar to me, so I was able to advance through the tutorials quickly and focus on troubleshooting UI-based bugs. App-to-iPad exporting needs to wait since there is some version incompatibility between device and XCode, so I am currently downloading/installing the most up-to-date software for both while I write this up. Tomorrow I look forward to doing more Hacking with Swift projects and getting comfortable with app exporting.

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